When the going gets tough

Jelly Brains CD 2011 Cover: Sekundenglück

Lies and Deceit
7 Beers
One on One
Army of Idiots
Kick Flip
When the going gets tough
You're nothing
180 Sachen

In a family way
In a fools paradise
She laughs up her sleeve
Tries to land on her feet

She needs something new
At the end of the day
A nine-to-five job
Or a place in the sky

Off the beaten track
And sound as a pound
She’s wasting no time
Every minute counts

She’s learning the ropes
Doesn’t ask for the moon
But ahead of the game
There’s not much room

Everybody says
The world is big enough
But the tough get going
When the going gets tough
When the going gets tough

She is so much stronger
Than you will ever be
She’ll walk the road till the end

As high as a kite
And an arm and a leg
She’s so hard to find
Has an axe to grind

She’s in like Flynn
Never on the fence
A daughter of a gun
Always on the run

Cut to the chase
Never runs out of steam
She hits like a bloke
Always goes for broke

She’s learning the ropes…