Lies and Deceit

Jelly Brains CD 2011 Cover: Sekundenglück

Lies and Deceit
7 Beers
One on One
Army of Idiots
Kick Flip
When the going gets tough
You're nothing
180 Sachen

We love to talk but we avoid the action
Look at us and see just how we are
Our way is full of contradiction
Enjoy the world today or a chocolate bar
We take a stance but not too much so
We really like to joke about the Dutch

This is my generation
And nothing to see
Full of dreams and ideas
It’s a live in retreat
This is my generation
We do Facebook and tweet
Thinking live’s just a game
But there’s lies and deceit

But you got a degree from the university
And you plant a tree so that earth can breathe

Our mind is constantly imploring
Double glazing windows and a new sports car
Totally engaged but somewhat boring
Adore the nature and the northern star
Calling out for human interaction
A brand new engine and a fat bull bar

This is my generation…

And you’ve got a degree…

We’ve travelled all the seven seas
Seen the bazaar and the hotel bar
Human rights and no disease please
Get a decent tea in the dining car
We wonder: What is our carbon footprint?
And take the next flight to Denpasar