7 Beers

Jelly Brains CD 2011 Cover: Sekundenglück

Lies and Deceit
7 Beers
One on One
Army of Idiots
Kick Flip
When the going gets tough
You're nothing
180 Sachen

Late at night  in the pub
talking nonsense eating grub
someone‘s making a confession
Hanging out   with the friends

Meeting at the shopping mall
drinking lots of alcohol
having fun and playing cards
Hanging out   with the friends

Playing football in the park,
lose the ball  because its dark
but no-one      gives a fuck
Hanging out    with the friends

Our time is in suspension
nonsense reaches new dimensions
when we hang out with the friends

Seven beers
for breakfast     this is all we
ask for              and we‘re into
punk rock        some indie and some

Seven beers
for breakfast        and some
punk rock music
...that‘s all we‘re asking for....

In the club at a gig
Chatting up a drunken chick
But she’s having none of it
Hanging out with the friends

On the road in the van
Drinking beer from a can
Suddenly a tyre’s flat
Hanging out with the friends

Sitting at the swimming pool
Just how long till it’s full?
Cos it’s winter and it’s cool
Hanging out with the friends