Army of Idiots

Jelly Brains CD 2011 Cover: Sekundenglück

Lies and Deceit
7 Beers
One on One
Army of Idiots
Kick Flip
When the going gets tough
You're nothing
180 Sachen

Her name was Daisy
She was very crazy
She wore a yellow dress
She loved the pink pills
Lived in a windmill
Her hair was in a mess

His name was Willy
He was very silly
He drove a camper van
He had some issues
thought he was Jesus
He was a preacher man

Flying with an aeroplane
Search for a jelly brain
Needs to be thick enough

Looking into the skull
To get the jelly ball
Needs to be thick enough

Can we have your brain?
We’re building an army of idiots!
It’s got to be insane
We’re building an army of idiots!
Army of Jelly Brains…

They called him George Walker
He just was a talker
And he wore too-big shoes
Made war cause he was bored
He was in Betty Ford
Goodbye George W.

Her name was Emily
A public enemy
They called her terrorist
But in another land
She was considered grand
Cos she fought to resist

His name was Tony
He searched for his pony
Just like a twinkling pearl
Her name was Pinky
She was kinky
Saddled as a pony girl

We are the Jelly Brains
It’s our rule and reign
Why don‘t you follow us?
We are Pied Pipers
Our songs aim like snipers
Come on, don‘t you make no fuss

Can we have your brain…